“We definitely should have done this a long time ago.”

Our dedicated n.able team work tirelessly with Numark members to help maximise the potential of their pharmacy by boosting performance and enhancing all aspects of the business.

Founded in 1987, Pearl Chemist has been a core feature of the local community for over three decades, and providing excellent service for patients is at the heart of the business’ ethos. Ravi Kareer has been involved in pharmacy for 8 years, and after serving as an apprentice during his early years he now manages the team at Pearl.

The n.able team first visited Pearl late in 2021 to assess areas for potential improvement and to make some initial suggestions, and more recently provided further support detailed in April’s edition of Numark Pharmacy Magazine.

“The n.able team have given us invaluable assistance in terms of how best to organise the pharmacy, and the new layout of the dispensary has improved the look of the shop from both the inside and outside. Our pharmaceutical spending has got significantly lower and although it has only been a couple of months we are already seeing noticeable improvements in terms of business performance.”

The n.able team have supported Pearl with multiple visits, providing advice on each occasion to ensure that performance is optimised with every visit. The team are also available for in-depth phone calls, and have been on hand to support the pharmacy team remotely along with the store visits.

“I would highly recommend n.able and Golden Tote to other pharmacies, it has definitely improved things for us.”

“Prior to the consultation, areas of the dispensary were completely overstocked. The n.able team visited us again this week and we were all very pleased with the stock reduction we have been able to achieve and the space we have been able to create on the shop floor. We have also significantly improved the consultation room following the n.able team’s advice, reducing clutter and improving organisation to allow the patient services to continue.”

“We definitely should have done this a long time ago! It would have helped us to become more organised within the pharmacy, and because of Golden Tote our spending has gone right down. I would highly recommend n.able and Golden Tote to other pharmacies, it has definitely improved things for us.”

The improvements made at Pearl Chemist are a tangible example of the power that certain tweaks can have in terms of pharmacy and business performance. The n.able team specialise in providing bespoke support and guidance to members, and we can help bring the same benefits to your pharmacy!

Speak to the n.able team to arrange a consultation and discover how you can boost the performance of your business. For more information call the team on 0800 783 5709 or email n.able@numark-central.co.uk