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It has been a tough but transformational year for community pharmacy. When GPs closed their doors you remained a constant, offering much needed support to your patients.

During the pandemic the growth of online interaction and repeat prescription services hit hard. The rise of digital fast-tracked the need for pharmacies to get on board also to offer remote services to patients such as text messaging and the combination of an online service and in person presence.

As you may have seen, in April, PHOENIX UK announced it had invested in a new digital offering designed to help independent pharmacies compete against the likes of Pharmacy2U.

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The acquisition of Co-op Health is a game changer for the membership

This popular and successful digital prescription service enables people to order medication via an app or over the web for collection at a local pharmacy or for home delivery. Demand for the app has grown rapidly in recent years and PHOENIX intends to take it to the next level through its Numark network.

Our ambition is to transform this platform into a must-have digital asset for Numark members. The intention is to create a product that will empower people with choice and help them receive health advice from their local Numark pharmacy on their terms, when they need it, as well as a highly convenient prescription service.

Pharmaceutical care is not simply picking up a prescription or having it delivered at home. People need support and advice when taking medication, particularly if they have multiple medical conditions.

A pharmacist intervention can quite literally save lives

That is the critical role which community pharmacy plays as the third pillar in our healthcare system; a pharmacist intervention can quite literally save lives.

Digital and physical access need to be two sides of the same coin; each complementing and supplementing the other. Too often we see companies offering digital services which seek to bypass and commercially undermine local community pharmacies our aim is to produce a product that will link a customer to their community pharmacy.

We intend to offer a market-disruptive alternative: bricks and mortar aligned with digital outreach which combines the convenience of online access for patients with the personal face-to-face professional advice people need.

Over the coming months and as part of our commitment to you, our members, we will support you to embrace and engage in a digital era.

Hey Pharmacist Updates

October Update: Services. Made Simple

The new services feature has been made possible thanks to our partnership with Has Health. If you use Hey Pharmacist Portal, you’ll be able to access the Has Health website using a secure single sign. You can then select the service you'd like to offer at your pharmacy.

Patients will be able to book services with just a few taps via the Hey Pharmacist website with a new widget that directs them to our partner website. Their request will be viewable to you, so you can keep up with bookings without worrying about losing track!

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Hey Pharmacist... Delivery Done Right.

You asked, we delivered. Now you can too!

With home delivery now fully available for you to enable in your store, we’re going to be homing in on the feature some more, and giving some examples of how your pharmacy could benefit from including it for your patients.

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August Update: What's to come for Hey Pharmacist?

You may be thinking, how can we make Hey Pharmacist even better? Well, we have no intention of slowing down! There are a lot of exciting plans and ideas that we’re very much looking forward to getting under development as soon as possible so that you, our members, can experience Hey Pharmacist to the max!

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July Update: Look how far we've come!

Now that we’re heading into the next phase of the Hey Pharmacist adventure, we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at everything that we’ve achieved over the past year, and remind ourselves of the reason why Hey Pharmacist is the “app of choice for community pharmacy”.

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Hey Pharmacist TV: Behind the scenes

The Hey Pharmacist TV ad campaign: ‘Repeat prescriptions. Made simple.’ is finally up and running! Having premiered on televisions across England on 22nd May.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! We wanted to show our members a little sneak peek of the process that went into the making of these three fantastic films.

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Hey Pharmacist... As seen on TV

The much anticipated launch of the Hey Pharmacist TV campaign “Repeat prescriptions. Made simple.” is finally here, after a year in the making!

Check out all three TV ads below, and be sure to keep a look for us on the tele!

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Our exclusive member screening is now live!

The much anticipated launch of the Hey Pharmacist TV campaign “Repeat prescriptions. Made simple.” is finally here, after a year in the making!

We’re giving you - our loyal members - the VIP treatment, with the opportunity to watch all 3 TV ads before they premiere on national television on 22nd May!

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Skyrise: TV Campaigns. Made Simple.

Skyrise is a cookie-less audience targeting solution powered by mobile network data. Basically, they help guarantee that our adverts are positioned in the best possible way for our target audiences to view, ensuring the best possible results come from the hard work put into this new and substantial project.

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June Update: Coming to a screen near you...

It’s been an exciting year for Hey Pharmacist, and it’s about to get even more exciting, with three TV ads hitting your screens!

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May Update: Home delivery feature... coming soon!

Since we’ve launched in-store sign-up, you told us that you wanted the ability to offer your patients home delivery from your pharmacy. We’ve heard your feedback and listened, so we will be launching a feature that allows you to provide home delivery to your patients from June.

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March Update: Numark member update

We want to raise an army of members to support Hey Pharmacist. Take a look at Jeremy Meader’s vlog to learn more about our plans and why it’s critical you are involved.

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Introducing the Hey Pharmacist Portal

The Hey Pharmacist Portal is a web based tool that enables pharmacies to manage orders and patient communications for their Hey Pharmacist collection, repeat prescription patients.

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January Update: You said, we did!

Hey Pharmacist will always be evolving – the iterative processes we're applying to the product means we're continually improving the features and design based on our customer's ever changing wants and needs. 

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Hey Pharmacist update... we're thinking differently

At a time when many pharmacy providers are driving patients away from community pharmacy towards a completely online model, we’re thinking differently.

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Hey Pharmacist update... test and learn

This month we are planning to expand our phase of test and learn for our Hey Pharmacist proposition.

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Hey Pharmacist... Store Activation Guide

Learn about the benefits of activating Hey Pharmacist in your store with our detailed guide on Store Activation.

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Hey Pharmacist POS... What good looks like

We're well on our way to entering the digital future, and with Hey Pharmacist activated in your store, you'll be able to take this new era in your stride.

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Marketing Hey Pharmacist on your social channels

As a result of the pandemic and the lockdowns that followed, social media usage in 2020 grew at the fastest rate in three years. With 4.2 billion users worldwide, more people are now using social media across the globe than not.

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Hey Pharmacist Member Opt Out Form

The Hey Pharmacist Member Opt Out Form.

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Hey Pharmacist Member Opt In Form

We want to provide members with the ability to digitally lock in patient nomination through choosing their pharmacy as a collection site. If you haven’t already, join the hundreds of members already opted in to Hey Pharmacist by completing the opt in form.

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