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Golden Tote - "It has allowed one pharmacist to do the job of two people”

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Golden Tote continues to transform the way pharmacies operate by providing automated, repeat prescriptions to boost efficiency and accuracy in dispensing processes. Featuring bar code scanning technology, Golden Tote facilitates seamless prescription assembly from the PHOENIX tote, eradicating the need for double handling of stock and saving a significant amount of man hours lost to administrative tasks.

Parvesh Patel has worked in pharmacy for 37 years, and has been using Golden Tote within his pharmacy, Mansons Chemist, for 9 months. Parvesh’s relationship with pharmacy began when he was just 10 years old, after being hit by a car outside his local pharmacy near his father’s newsagents.

“While I was in hospital my local pharmacist sent a card and some gifts, and in the years that followed I continued to receive birthday gifts from him and we formed a good relationship. I think subconsciously my interest in pharmacy began then”.

Understandably, there were a few reservations before Parvesh chose to fully implement Golden Tote within his pharmacy, and putting complete faith in technology wasn’t something which came straight away.

“I understood the concept immediately, but my concerns were with the idea of putting all of our eggs in one basket. Even though it is still something of a new venture, we sort of discussed it 2 years ago so it was simply a question of how best to deliver it. We have also been using PharmAssist for 5 years, so integrating the new technology was easier for us”.

The pandemic has significantly altered the way in which pharmacists have had to work and has increased pressures and workload like never before. Golden Tote is the ideal tool to navigate these times and can allow you to deliver the same exceptional level of service to your patients as before.

“The main benefits have been the time saving and staffing efficiency elements. COVID-19 has, at times, led to us being short staffed, however Golden Tote has made this slightly less onerous for us as one person has effectively been able to do the job of two people”.


Parvesh was keen to point out that the benefits of Golden Tote are often not visible to the naked eye: “I would certainly recommend Golden Tote to other pharmacists. Pharmacists do however need to understand that they can’t visually see the benefits, but over time they will find that it is a great time-saving tool and if they change their mindset to embrace this technology it will be hugely beneficial to their business”.

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