Always refer to the HLP Framework to ensure you are meeting the elements. The below is a guide to tools and resources that Numark have available to you to help you achieve the Workforce Development enabler. 

The resources available below are suggestions and are not an exhaustive list, so if you have other evidence to meet a particular element of the framework, use it, if appropriate. 



Tools and Support


Talk to your team and engage them with HLP

Engage the team on what you need to do with HLP and start your journey. Use the HLP Introductory presentation to talk to your team.

Set your HLP vision.

Alongside setting your vision for HLPl, consider completing a SWOT analysis.




















Train the team

At least one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) person to become a health champion




Health Champions (HC) training

Need some help with deciding who would fit the role of the health champion? Tale a look at the role specification for a Health Champion.

To book, call Buttercups on 0115 937 4936 and ask for the RSPH in the Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement course and quote your Numark member number to receive a 10% discount. 

REQUIRED Evidence: RSPH certificate of completion by a member of pharmacy team either displayed in the pharmacy or available in the evidence portfolio.

Cascade learnings from the Health Champion to the rest of the team using the Meeting record form.

Some LPCs may offer the course free of charge

If your Health Champion leaves, you must put an action plan in place to replace the staff member within six months.

One person to complete the leadership training and become the Health & Wellbeing Leader.


Leadership training

A free module on Leadership for Healthy Living Pharmacy is available on the Numark Training Library which has been mapped to the domains as stated in the HLP Framework.

REQUIRED Evidence: Certificate for any leadership training or equivalent completed by a pharmacist or pharmacy manager either displayed in the pharmacy or available in the evidence portfolio.

Consider obtaining Team leader feedback form from your team.

If your Health & Wellbeing leader leaves, you must put an action plan in place to replace the staff member within six months.


Devise an action plan to identify the gaps in the criteria that need meeting

Download the SMART Action plan.



Evidence you have identified and are aware of  local public health and pharmaceutical needs

Top Tip:  Access the websites below to evidence this criteria and reference you have discussed this is in your team meetings to support your health campaigns.

Public Health Needs Information

Access Public Health England (PHE) health profiles for your individual area.

Link to Lyreco to purchase folders, inserts to help collate evidence or purchase an HLP evidence portfolio.


The pharmacy team can use NHS Website and other information sources for public health e.g. PHE Campaign Resourrce Centre

See our advice on using your NHS Choices page

PHE Campaign Resource Centre


All patient facing staff understand the basic principles of health and wellbeing


Staff appearance

Purchase staff uniforms and name badges from Numark's eShop


Raising difficult/sensitive issues training.



There are several e-learning courses available for support staff in raising difficult topics:

Evidence the training all members of the pharmacy team have completed using theTraining record form.


All staff are able to provide brief health and wellbeing advice typically lasting between 2-3 minutes long.

Visit our Health Promotion Library to access our Health Promotion briefing sheets on a range of health campaign topics for tips on starting the conversation

Health promotion summary sheet