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Dementia Friends

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

There are now 3 million people that are Dementia Friends. You can become a Dementia Friend by following our guidance below.

There are over 850,000 people who are living with dementia in UK. It is predicted that a staggering 225,000 people will develop dementia this year – this is the equivalent of one person, every 3 minutes.

What is Dementia Friends?

Dementia Friends is an initiative led by Alzheimer’s Society to give people more understanding of what is like to live with dementia and encourages them to take small actions that would make a real difference to those who have dementia in their community. It aims to tackle the fear and stigma attached to the condition which causes people to experience loneliness and social exclusion. 

A Dementia Friend will learn a little bit about dementia, how it affects a person and how you can play a part in supporting people living with the condition. It is hoped when people take the steps to become a Dementia Friend, they will turn their understanding into a practical action to help people feel understood in their local community so an example could be, wearing your badge or being patient when talking to people with dementia who may need some time and support. A Dementia Friend is not classed as ‘training’ – it is a way of raising awareness.

Dementia Friends and the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) in England

Dementia Friends forms part of the 'Prevention' bundle of the PQS. There are various routes available for pharmacy teams to become Dementia Friends which are outlined in the step by step guides below.

The requirement for this quality criterion is that ALL patient-facing staff are Dementia Friends (pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, dispensary staff, counter assistants and delivery drivers). This also includes locums so it is advised that you encourage them to become Dementia Friends.

Please note: To become a Dementia Friend, the processes detailed must be followed in full to fulfil the criterion and claim the points.

For information on becoming a Dementia Friend please choose the most relevant option:

Organisations becoming Dementia Friends

Individuals becoming Dementia Friends

Creating a dementia friendly environment

Dementia Friends record sheet

Numark have created a record sheet which you may choose to use to keep a record of the staff members, including temporary staff such as locums have become Dementia Friends.

Download the template

Please note: If individuals have already taken steps to become Dementia Friends on their own, it is suggested the record sheet is updated with their details.

Dementia Friends in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • For members based in Wales, please use the same website and process as detailed here.
  • For members based in Scotland, please visit the Dementia Friends Scotland Initiative website. The process for becoming a Dementia Friend is identical to the process detailed for England and Wales.

See Dementia Friends Scotland

  • For members based in Northern Ireland there is no "Dementia Friends" initiative. However, there are still a number of resources and training available via Alzheimer's Society website.

Visit Alzheimer's Society website

For more information on becoming Dementia Friends, you can contact Hina Joshi, pharmacy services facilitator either via email at or 0800 783 5709*.