GPhC Revalidation

Revalidation is about keeping your professionals skills and knowledge up to date and Numark has a number of resources to help ensure you maintain safe and effective care to your patients.

What do I need to submit?

Each year you will need to submit:-

  • Four CPD records that include 2 planned learning activities
  • One reflective account to reflect on one or more of the following three standards: 

               - Standard one: Pharmacy professionals must provide person-centred care

                -Standard two: Pharmacy professionals must work in partnership with others

                -Standard five: Pharmacy professionals must use their professional judgement

  • One peer discussion

Numark Support

Numark have produced a module on the Numark+ Training Library. The module will talk you through how to conduct and submit peer to peer reviews and reflective accounts for Revalidation.

Revalidation module 

Top Tips for Revalidation

How do I record my revalidation records?

The Numark+ training platform has new features to enable all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to take control of their individual learning and development needs and revalidation requirements.

As a Numark member you can create a free account to access over 1800 training modules and articles and use the revalidation plan to plan and record as CPD entries.

You can also utilise the platform to enter peer discussion and reflective account all using GPhC approved recording templates.

You will be able to add in any CPD entries done from external learning sources and events, as well as upload and of your certificates.