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How do I upgrade my PMR system?

  • England

If you work in a pharmacy in England that uses an EPS Release 2 compliant PMR system  you need to:

1. Ensure each person who requires access to the PMR system has a smartcard

An EPS Release 2 enabled smartcard is required to access the NHS Spine - each person will require a smartcard and it will not be possible to share smartcards.

If you have a Release 1 smartcard, you will need to contact your local Registration Authority (RA) to have your smartcard upgraded for Release 2.

How do I check if my smartcard is EPS Release 2 enabled?

Even if your local GP surgeries have not upgraded their systems for EPS Release 2, you can still upgrade your system and begin to register patient nominations. Report EPS Release 2 smartcard issues.

Read PSNC - Smartcard Access for Dispensing Contractors for a more detailed overview of smartcards.

2. Order an EPS Release 2 upgrade from your PMR supplier

There is one of cost of around £1,000 per pharmacy. However, this will be reimbursed through your schedule of payments when your Release 2 installation is complete.

Your pharmacy will then be classified as enabled for nomination on the NHS Choices website.

ProScript user in England? - Register your interest in an EPS Release 2 upgrade

3. Check your pharmacy details are correct on the NHS Choices website

If your details are incorrect you can notify your PCT directly in writing, or use the feedback form on the NHS Choices website - choose Hospitals and other NHS services, then enter your details.

You can start to register patient nominations six weeks before your PMR system is due to be upgraded for EPS Release 2.

Need help registering patient nominations?

We have an EPS nomination support pack available which includes everything you need to begin registering patients to your pharmacy.

Last update: 2 July 2014