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Blood pressure testing

Blood pressure directly affects a persons health with high blood pressure dramatically increasing the risk of heart disease, a stroke, a heart attack and kidney disease.

  • 16 million people in the UK have high blood pressure
  • One third of women and two fifths of men are affected
  • Half of all people over 75 have the condition

High blood pressure is not something that can be felt and it usually has no symptoms: 1 in 3 people with high blood pressure don't know they have it.

The only way anyone would know if they had high blood pressure is to have it tested.

The effects of high blood pressure are greatly increased when combined with high cholesterol.

Blood pressure toolkit

We have two blood pressure toolkit options available which include everything you need to implement this service:

Why offer this service?

  • Patient survey results show 56% of customers would like this service in their local pharmacy.
  • Very simple service to provide - testing is quick and easy.
  • Build customer loyalty.
  • Raise awareness of other products and services.
  • Cross-sell a blood pressure test with other services - cholesterol testing, diabetes screening and medicine use reviews

How do I start?

1. Order a blood pressure toolkit - it includes everything you need to get started.

2. Talk to your local GPs:
Tell them you are going to start a blood pressure testing service.
Agree thresholds and a pathway for patient referral.
If you're unsure, the toolkit includes a sample introductory letter.

3. Promote the service using the posters and leaflets included in the toolkit.

4. Encourage your counter staff to talk to customers and recommend your new service.

5. Record test outcomes using the audit report pad - you will be able to use this to contribute towards your CPD:
The number of people with high blood pressure.
The number of people referred.
Any advice you have given.

Last update: 10 March 2014