Golden Tote Case Studies


"It is incredibly user friendly"

Originally from Uganda, Robert Musimbago came to the UK four years ago to begin a career in community pharmacy that has proved to be a source of great joy.


“We have been really pleased with the results so far”

Navid Ghasemi has worked in the pharmacy industry for almost a decade, and currently is the superintendent pharmacist and owner of Newport Pharmacy in Essex. Navid and his team started using Golden Tote at the end of May, and despite initial reservations he was very pleased with the improvements it made to the efficiency of the dispensary processes, particularly from a financial standpoint.


Golden Tote - "I wouldn't want to go back to the way we were working before"

Shital Popat, Superintendent of Pearl Chemist in Leicester, has been reaping the benefits of Golden Tote since February.


Golden Tote - "It has allowed one pharmacist to do the job of two people”

Parvesh Patel has worked in pharmacy for 37 years, and has been using Golden Tote within his pharmacy, Mansons Chemist, for 9 months. Parvesh’s relationship with pharmacy began when he was just 10 years old, after being hit by a car outside his local pharmacy near his father’s newsagents.


Golden Tote - Diana's Story

Exclusive to Numark members, Golden Tote is a market-leading dispensary management system designed to take away some of the strain from the busy working days of a pharmacist. It integrates seamlessly into your existing PMR to boost the efficiency of your dispensing, improves safety and in turn saves cost and reduces stockholding.


Golden Tote - Liz's Story

Recognising the value in automated dispensing, we have partnered with EMIS to develop a solution that would utilise barcode technology to fundamentally change the dispensing process for our member pharmacies.