Why offer a Yellow Fever vaccine in your Travel Health and Vaccination Service?

Yellow Fever is a life-threatening viral infection carried by mosquitoes in some tropical countries. It is essential for anyone travelling to an area where there is a risk of infection to take steps to reduce this. The vaccine is highly effective and it is the best way to protect those at risk of disease during travel. A single dose provides life-long protection against the disease.

A number of countries require a yellow fever certificate to gain entry.

The World Health Organisation reports that there are about 84,000 – 170,000 severe cases of yellow fever, resulting in 29,000 – 60,000 deaths.1

Offering the yellow fever vaccine as part of your Travel Health risk assessment could be a unique selling point and you won’t lose your customers if they have to go to another provider if you are not a registered centre.

You have to be a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) to be able to provide yellow fever vaccine and you are required to complete the necessary training:

For England, Wales and Northern Ireland - visit the NaTHNaC website to see how to become a YVFC.

In order for NaTHNaC to establish and maintain the yellow fever programme, a registration fee is payable. The fee is subject to regular review and is currently £145 per centre annually or £265 per centre biennially.

Your first initial E-Learning training costs are £210 then every two years E-Learning cost is £115

For Scotland – visit the Health Protection Scotland website to see how to become a YFVC.

There is an initial registration fee of £100 for all YFVC in Scotland. This fee includes the initial face to face training and the first two years registration.  A re-registration fee of £65 will be due every two years.

The vaccine is called Stamaril provided by Sanofi.  

The Green book of immunisation – chapter 35 – yellow fever