Hair Retention Service

Hair loss can be a significant cause of anguish for any male, and is often a sensitive subject which many may not wish to speak openly about once they have spotted the signs. It is however completely natural, and in the majority of instances is not something which requires any further action. Male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss and affects approximately half of all men by the age of 50, with the causes ranging from stress and hormonal changes to heredity reasons and medical conditions.

Offering a hair retention service can be an invaluable addition to your business from a customer perspective, and will add value to your current range of services and obligations for a number of reasons. It can afford patients a more practical alternative to visiting a GP, and provides them with quick and easy access to hair loss advice and treatments without the need for an appointment.

Advice and treatment for hair loss includes professional consultations and the use of appropriate medication in order to nullify the causes of the condition. Pharmacists who offer this service are authorised to dispense finasteride to eligible customers experiencing hair loss. Finasteride  is a treatment proven to retain hair and encourage new growth which is not currently available on the NHS for this condition.

With around 85% of males experiencing thinning hair by the time they reach the age of 50, there is a significant demand for hair retention services and hair loss treatments, and the potential profit from the service can be quantified by using our very own Numark Profitability Calculator.

Profitability calculator 

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Numark has developed the following training modules: 

Male Hair Loss - Counter Excellence 

Male Hair Loss - Pharmacy Excellence 

Patient Access For Professionals

Providing one service per week can generate over £700 profit per year as extra service income.  

Findings from Patient Access highlighted period delay as a service that was frequently searched by customers. however with very few being able to locate a convenient pharmacy to book an online appointment.

Using an online booking platform such as Patient Access has been shown to increase the number of customers booking private services, helping you to increase your services profitability. 

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Pharmacist Accreditation* Process

*Check for any additional requirements from your PGD provider, such as being able to take accurate blood pressure readings.