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Diabetes screening service

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This comprehensive resource has been developed to help members acquire and set up a professional diabetes screening service.

Why provide a diabetes screening service?

A diabetes screening service is designed to establish the likelihood / risk that a patient may develop diabetes at some time in the future or to identify if the patient may already have undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes. Early identfiication enables the patients to make appropriate lifestyle changes to avoid developing it or if appropriate referral to their GP for clinical diagnosis to enable it to be managed properly.

Setting up your diabetes screening service

We provide a number of downloadable resources to help you set up your service including:

Along with a number of marketing tools including:

See our case studies

We also provide a range of testing equipment which you can order through eShop via the links below.

CardioChek blood analyser

Glucose testing strips

Diabetes analyser and cartridges – HbA1c