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Medicines Use Review

  • Wales
  • England

MURs are an advanced service within the NHS community pharmacy contract. They involve a face-to-face consultation between a pharmacist and patient to discuss their prescribed and non-prescribed medicines.

MURs Northern Ireland - find out more.

What is the purpose of an MUR?

An MUR involves carrying out a structured review of a patients medicine to help them understand why they are taking a medicine, how they should take it and to talk through any side effects they may be experiencing.

The review should help patients to:

  • understand their therapy
  • identify any problems or side effects they are experiencing
  • find possible solutions to any problems

Who should have an MUR?

An MUR is ideal for patients on multiple medicines, particularly those receiving medicines for long term conditions. MURs are targeted at certain patient groups who will benefit most from the review.

National target groups have been identified. 70% of all MURs undertaken by each pharmacy in a year should be with patients within the following groups:


  • Patients taking 'High Risk' medicines.
  • Patients recently discharged from hospital with a change to their medication.


  • Patients taking antihypertensive medication.
  • Patients taking medicines for respiratory disease.
  • Patients taking 'High Risk' medicines.
  • Patients prescribed a medicine no longer required.
  • Patients aged 85 or over who take six or more medicines.

PSNC – Guidance for the MUR service

HSC - Guidance for the MUR service

CPW – Guidance for the MUR service    

Why offer MURs?

  • Develop customer loyalty - the advice and support you provide to a patient will help to build a really strong customer relationship.
  • Create an additional revenue stream for your pharmacy - current payment is £28 per MUR.
  • If you carry out the maximum 400 MURs per year, you could earn up to £11,200 per year from MURs.
  • Help to improve patient health outcomes and the cost effectiveness of prescribed medicines.
  • Cross-sell an MUR with other services - blood pressure testing, cholesterol testing, and diabetes screening.

How do I start?

1. You must be accredited to provide MURs - the PSNC website has more information about MUR accreditation.

2. Download the relevant Medicines Use Review SOP which covers in detail how to carry out an MUR (updated October 2019)

England SOP

Wales SOP

3. Talk to your local GPs:
Tell them you intend to offer MURs.
Ask how they want to receive patient MUR forms.
Ask if there are any patient groups they want you to target.

4. Promote the service using posters and leaflets.

5. Encourage your counter staff to talk to customers and recommend the service.

6. Document any recommendations you have made to resolve medicine use issues.