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COVID -19 LFD Distribution Advanced Service (England)

  • England

From the end of March 2021 the 'NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 lateral flow device (LFD) distribution service'  has been added to the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework as a new Advanced Service. Improving public access to COVID-19 antigen testing and identification of COVID-positive cases in the community, to break the chain of transmission. Working alongside existing NHS Test and Trace COVID-19 testing routes.

Contractors wishing to provide this service must complete a registration declaration through the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) Manage Your Service (MYS) portal 

Overview of service 

Once registered to provide the service, The pharmacy can order the LFD test kits, free of charge, from partcipating wholesalers. 

Within the NHS Test and Trace communications, the service will be referred to as Pharmacy Collect, advising asymptomatic people to collect LFD test kits, free of charge, from community pharmacies, to enable them to undertake regular testing as part of the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap plan.

Altough people can request tests for regular use for other reasons - the most common circumstances that will prompt a person to undertake regular tests are:

  • Child is at school / Work at a school / In a bubble with school children or staff
  • Leave the house for work
  • Local council has advised them to test
  • GP or another healthcare professional has advised them to test

People self-administer the tests and report results away from the pharmacy, e.g. at home. - The pharmacy is not involved in this process or the next steps for the person taking the test.


Is made up of the following 3 elements (+vat) - payments will be separately itemised on the FP34 Schedule of Payments. :

  1. £200 early* sign-up fee: Contractors signed up to provide the service by 18th April 2021. 
  2. £250 one-off set-up fee: covering set-up costs(creation of SOP / staff training staff / storage costs for the test kits). 
  3. £1.50 service fee : Based on the weekly declarations submitted by the contractor on the MYS portal.

* signing up to provide the service by 23:59 on 18th April 2021

Resources to support set-up and delivery of the service  

Service Specification 

Implementation Checklist 

Questions to ask people when collecting the kits

COVID-19 LFD Distribution Service SOP 

Additional resources are also available on the PSNC C-19 lateral flow device distribution service page. Including templates to record details of : 

  • Test kit stock received 
  • Test kits handed out