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26 June 2020 by Carol Burgess

Add an extra 50 hours into your pharmacy per month, without adding extra resource costs

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

We understand that now more than ever you need to ensure that you are increasing profit into pharmacy, and therefore need to be developing and delivering new services, but given the concern expressed by many community pharmacists (even without the latest pressures from the COVID-19 crisis) that their teams are already flat out, one critical question pharmacists need an answer to remains, “how do I devote more of my time to clinical services, when I already struggle with this and, if my team have no capacity to help me delegate the ‘routine’ stuff I have to do to them?”

Many parts of our offering can help you free up time, these include Golden Tote and PharmAssist, Valresco fits into this by identifying hidden capacity and can add an average of 50 hours extra pharmacist time per month per dispensary – without adding extra resource costs!

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