Numark Cascade is an intuitive electronic ordering solution that is designed to put you in the driving seat.

How many times have you been told how an alternative IT buying solution works? With Numark Cascade, we ask you how you want it to work.  After all, it's "Your system, Your rules."

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How does Numark Cascade work?

You will be set up with a 'Numark' ordering page on your PMR which has agreed rules set up for your orders to transmit to your primary, secondary & tertiary options depending on stock levels with the chosen wholesalers.

As part of Numark Cascade we will ensure all 400+ products on Brand Support will go to the appropriate wholesaler, whether that be PHOENIX, Alliance or AAH.

Where PHOENIX are equal or better in the market place your Reduced Wholesaler Model (RWM) orders will be transmitted to PHOENIX. Please note there are no spend thresholds on RWM orders through PHOENIX.

Numark Cascade follows your rules so you can save valuable time and money.

So sit back and relax with the peace of mind that you are in complete control.

Key features

  • Out of stock choice - if your primary wholesaler is out of stock the system will then attempt to try your other pre-selected wholesalers. Out of stock choices will help ensure continuity of supply.
  • PI lines (NuSwitch) – when you are signed up to NuSwitch the system will recognise all products sent through PHOENIX and send you a competitive PI.
  • RWM and solus lines - all are set up to ensure the orders are sent to the correct manufacturers.
  • Generic cascade - this can be set up if you require any generic products to follow a different ordering path. If you are signed up to the Numerics scheme your generics order will be sent to PHOENIX as usual.
  • PassThru pages – gives you (those on EMIS systems) the flexibility to order direct from other wholesalers. These pages will work outside the Numark Cascade rules and go direct to the wholesaler.


  • Complete control – offers peace of mind and the security of knowing your orders are following your rules each and every time.
  • Maximise your profit – it is your system that follows your rules with your chosen suppliers meaning you always get the deals you want.
  • Save time - all your orders are transmitted on one main Numark page reducing your ordering time by 10-15 minutes per day.
  • Minimise out of stocks - if a product is out of stock with your primary wholesaler the system will reorder to your secondary or tertiary wholesaler.
  • Continuity of supply - even if you are not in the pharmacy and another member of staff places the order, so long as it is on the Numark ordering page it will be transmitted to your pre-selected choice of wholesaler as per your Numark Cascade set up.
  • Tailor your order - set up a generic cascade if you require your generics to go to a different wholesaler. Utilise PassThru pages (for those on EMIS systems) to order direct from other wholesalers.
  • No contract - you are not tied into a contract.

For more information and to find out more on how you could benefit from Numark Cascade, contact your Pharmacy Development Manager (PDM) or register your interest below and your PDM will be in touch.

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Numark Cascade is compatible with all the below PMR systems.

PMR system Available?
Numark Assist Yes
Direct ProScript Yes
AAH ProScript Yes
Cegedim Pharmacy Manager Yes
Cegedim NexPhase Yes
RX Web Yes
Positive Solutions Yes