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17 July 2017 by Lisa Fowler

Married life

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Having recently got married, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks on a lovely sunny beach for my Honeymoon. Although I enjoyed relaxing, after a few days of doing the same I wanted to try something new; windsurfing it was then!

What a blast… and to make the experience even better I sailed further than my husband!

The experience got me thinking about my new role as a Key Account Manager with Numark and how groups of customers were now recommending us to each other. What had brought on these great recommendations and the desire for groups to try something new or different?

Although pharmacy is going through a tough time it is evident that there is a ‘fight’ left in the industry, that people are willing to try something that may be new to them and that perhaps, Numark was independent pharmacy’s ‘wind in the sail’ that would help get them through the times ahead.

Since joining Phoenix and Numark two years ago the number of group accounts we have dealt with has grown exponentially and with Numark membership at an all-time high of 3,350 members it is easy to see why more and more independents are turning to Numark for support.

As well as the vast range of commercial benefits available (even some based on purchases through other wholesalers on our Brand Support offering) we also have the support and training that I strongly believe is first in class.

Being able to ask a customer ‘what can I do to support you and your business?’ and knowing that whatever the answer (perhaps not the lottery win or the new Bugatti) we as a company can respond.

If one person is asking for it, how many others also feel this way?

If we don’t already offer it, how can we change this?

For example, customers wanted the continuity of a scheme such a Teva, but with the market as it is, didn’t want to pay a higher invoice price for the continuity - we brought Numerics Teva to market with up to a 30% reduction on Teva pricing and customers no longer having to wait for quarterly rebates as it is net priced with additional discounts for higher spending which are paid monthly.

Customers have asked for monthly reporting to help them keep a closer eye on how things are going, our Pharmacy Development Managers and Key Account Managers have access to a host of reports from year on year spend to the monthly Numark statement. All of the reports are clear and transparent, showing sales and rebates, broken down by category or per branch.

It is a very interesting time within the industry, certainly not all blue skies and sandy beaches, and Numark as a virtual Head Office have all the support needed to help ease the way with the new contractual requirements. Not only are the commercial benefits an advantage - Numark paid out a staggering £23.5 million (an average of £748 per month per member) in 2016, but we have an incredible breadth of depth of support for all aspects of running a profitable independent pharmacy - flu services, PGD’s, SOP’s and much, much more.

Having started my career working for a competitor and selling against Numark, I never really understood the absolute depth and breadth of the Numark offering and when members explained about what they were already accessing in terms of support, it was hard to believe that all of this could come from one membership, and with the added benefit of great savings on PI insurance, along with a host of other insurances such as fleet and shop insurance, perhaps now is a good time to try something new?

I believe the times of marriage to one wholesaler are changing and to make the most of what is on offer, you need to make sure you are getting the best deals, so why not let Numark help with this?

Why not get in touch to see what more you could be gaining or if there are any ways we can help you to maximise your membership?

Let us help you out - sail the competition!

Lisa Fowler

Lisa Fowler


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