PharmAssist - your complete buying solution.

PharmAssist is the electronic buying solution that offers you control, compliance and drives profitability for your purchasing. PharmAssist utilises the powerful Pharmacy Buyer software programme and integrates seamlessly with your PMR system.

Key features & benefits of PharmAssist

Pack optimisation saving

Automatically selects the most cost effective pack size to save you up to £600 per month.

Extensive database of supplier pricing

Our fully managed service updates the latest prices for Gold Partners to maximise accuracy and takes away the need for you to allocate vast resources into sourcing the best prices.

Product & Manufacturer preferences

The ability to override the cascade with your own supplier or manufacturer selection on a per product basis.

Drug Tariff review

Advising you of any generic products that are above the current Drug Tariff price via the PharmAssist website.

Supplier Timeline

Dictate specific times to “Turn off” particular suppliers throughout the day so that your system doesn’t process orders to them, ensuring a timely supply of medicines for your patients.

Virtual Warehouse

The Virtual Warehouse gives you full visibility of all excess stock registered on your system and enables you to better manage stock to reduce the risk of having to write off products.


  • Increase Numark rebates
  • Reduce the risk of paying over the odds for lower volume lines
  • Wide range of products
  • % discount from full line suppliers
  • Save an hour per day

There’s more!

PharmAssist no longer charges Numark members for your PharmAssist membership. Instead, they will charge PHOENIX directly who will cover the fee in place of any customer rebate.

This streamlines the process for you, meaning no more payments coming from your account, or a need to reconcile with rebates!

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