Weight Management

New Year, new service.

Every year, the majority of us make New Year’s resolutions and promises to ourselves that for the upcoming year, we will get fitter and healthier. According to last year’s statistics, the most popular New Year’s resolutions that the population had planned to achieve were to exercise more (43%), to eat healthier (43%) and to lose weight (40%)[1].

Following on from the festive season, you may see an influx of customers coming to you for advice and support on how they can lose weight, and as a community pharmacy, you are ideally positioned to do so.

Offering private services not only supports the health of your local community, but it also adds benefits to your business.

Why offer a private service?

Establishing a good range of private services has many benefits for your business.

  • Increase footfall into the pharmacy, attracting new customers
  • Increase loyalty from your current customers, as they realise you offer more than a dispensing service
  • Increase profit and add an extra revenue stream

Weight Management Service

A service you could consider delivering to get customers thinking about their health in the New Year, is a Weight Management Service. This private service enables your pharmacy to support customers with obesity, wanting to lose weight and where diet and exercise changes alone have not been successful. Allowing eligible customers to obtain a ‘Prescription Only’ treatment to aid weight loss, where other methods have been unsuccessful, will subsequently increase their psychological well-being, as well as improve their overall health and reduce the risks associated with obesity. It is offered via a private Patient Group Direction (PGD) which requires the customer to have a consultation with a PGD authorised pharmacist.

We have everything you need to set up and deliver a successful Weight Management Service. We have developed downloadable resources including a pharmacy support pack, GP implementation letter, GP notification letter, counter checklist, SOP and training modules.

We have also partnered with PharmaDoctor, which gives members access to range of private PGDs, including a 10% discount on the standard cost of PGDs.

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[1] https://www.statista.com/statistics/1084782/most-popular-new-year-s-resolutions-in-the-united-kingdom/