Delivering a Pneumococcal Vaccination Service.

As we have now entered the winter months, your customers will be coming to you for all of their winter health medication and advice. But as the days get colder and darker, it’s not just cough, colds and flu that your customers may need protecting from; but also pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a common respiratory disease which affects approximately 1% of adults in the UK annually. It can be serious and is one of the leading causes of hospital admissions for respiratory problems, with the most common cause being the bacteria Streptococcus pneumonia which is spread by airborne droplets or direct contact with infected saliva or mucus.

While anyone can get pneumonia, only people of certain ages or with certain medical conditions are eligible for a free NHS Pneumococcal vaccination. The awareness of the impact of pneumonia has been heightened due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, with more people considering getting a vaccination privately, to help to better protect their health.

This service is a perfect accompaniment to the flu vaccination service offered by most pharmacies over the autumn and winter months.

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