Neon Diagnostics product name change

As of 1st November 2022 Neon Diagnostics Ltd will be changing the product name of CareFine insulin Pen Needles to the new name of GreenFine insulin Pen Needles.

Please rest assured that this is a change of name only and pip codes remain the same.

The product, composition and quality control of their Pen Needles remain unchanged, ensuring patients receive the same quality care and comfort they always have.

GreenFine insulin pen needles will be listed on the NHS Drug Tariff at exactly the same cost-efficient price as before and all computer systems and dispensing shelves will be updated to ensure a smooth transition for all current CareFine users.

greenfine image
Neon prod table

If you have any queries please contact Neon Diagnostics at or call their freephone helpline on 0800
009 3379, or get in touch with your Numark Account Manager.