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Hey Pharmacist... Everyone's a winner

This month, we’re giving some examples of how Hey Pharmacist benefits patients and pharmacists alike. Ensuring the coming winter’s months are a success, and your pharmacy runs smoother than ever before.


1. You're able to keep patients updated on the status of their order.


How this benefits you... How this benefits patients... 


Before Hey Pharmacist, a lot of a pharmacist’s time is spent answering phone calls, many of which are patients chasing up about the order status of their medication. Now, thanks to the Hey Pharmacist Portal, you’re able to keep your patients up to date with a click of a button. Freeing up time for you to focus on in-store duties, and receiving less phone calls so you can spend more time with customers visiting your pharmacy.


We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier, and the less we need to talk on the phone, the better! By registering with Hey Pharmacist, patients no longer have to put the time aside to make a call about their prescription. Instead, by simply checking the app, they’re kept updated from start to finish.


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