Decommissioning of NumarkNet Email Addresses

As you know, we have recently upgraded our website, moving to an alternative provider to fulfil this upgrade.  This has meant a number of changes to the way we run our digital services to members.

Unfortunately, the move has resulted in the need for us to decommission our email domain which is currently used by a selection members. 

We sadly don’t have the facility to maintain the domain with appropriate security and technical support required for our members once our contract with our current provider comes to a close in November.

Over the next couple of months we will provide guidance and support for anyone currently using the domain to transfer across to an alternative provider with a smooth transition.

There are a variety of providers available to transfer your email account to, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and so on and so on.  Our recommendation would be NHSmail, the national secure collaboration service for health and social care.  NHSmail accounts are offered to community pharmacists to support the secure exchange of patient or sensitive data with other health and social care professionals.  You can find out more information here:

More information

You should consider what you currently use your NumarkNet email address for and the requirements from your replacement provider.

Over the coming weeks we will follow up with additional support around winding down your current account and transferring contacts over to the new account, as well as additional support around alternative email providers.

The countdown has officially begun!  Begin your email account transfer now.

For questions and enquiries, please contact Member Support on 0800 783 5709

We have added some additional support as a resource for transferring to your new email address, and this guide can be found below:

Full details