Refresh Lacri-Lube

Lacri-Lube Eye Ointment reintroduced

Allergan are reintroducing the 3.5g size of Lacri-Lube eye ointment after a period of discontinuation.

Lacrilube is a multidose, sterile ointment which contains soft white paraffin and liquid paraffin for the lubrication of the ocular surface to provide relief from the feeling of dryness, burning or irritation caused by environmental factors.

It has been classified as a medical device. As with all devices this cannot be dispensed on a NHS prescription unless the device is listed in the Drug Tariff, Allergan have confirmed that they have applied for the product to be added to the Appliance section of the UK Drug Tariffs. Until this time it can be purchased over the counter and written on a private prescription.