Tarif Tip

Tariff Tip: Fybogel FibreChews®

Q: I have a hospital handwritten prescription for Fybogel FibreChews, can I dispense this?

A: No, you would not get reimbursed for a prescription for Fybogel FibreChews. As you can see from the picture below, this product is classified as a ‘medical Device’ and is CE marked. For a medical device to be reimbursed on the NHS it must be listed in the appliances section of the  England and Wales Drug Tariff and this product is not currently listed in the Drug Tariff.

Explain to the patient that this product currently cannot be dispensed on the NHS.  The patient is able to purchase the Fybogel FibreChews as an over the counter sale.


Fybogel FibreChews®