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Own Brand Allergy Deal

Hayfever is very common and affects 10-15% of children and 26% of adults in the UK*. Although hayfever is often regarded as a trivial problem, as the symptoms vary so much from person to person, it can actually significantly affect quality of life.

Some people may only experience a mild sniffle during the summer months, whilst others may have more severe symptoms, such as an extremely runny nose, constant sneezing, sore inflamed, itching eyes and/or chronic nasal congestion. Whatever the symptoms it’s important that you offer a range of treatments to your customers.

Numark own brand holds a great range of hayfever and allergy treatments across a variety of formulations, perfect for combination therapy. Own brand holds around 41% of the total allergy range**.

Your customers may need more than one product to control their hayfever symptoms. Many people get the best relief from hayfever using a combination of allergy medications, for example taking tablets as well as using a nasal spray. Antihistamines help with rapid relief of hay fever symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose but they are not good at relieving nasal congestion. Decongestants can provide rapid relief from a blocked or stuffy nose (nasal congestion) and eye drops can help relieve sore inflamed, itching eyes. Using combination therapy is a great way to relive all hayfever symptoms.

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