Tarif Tip

Tariff Tip: Refugee

Q: I have a family of refugees in the pharmacy and the local doctors have issued them with prescriptions, do they have to pay?

A: Both refugees and asylum seekers may receive free prescriptions providing they are able to present a HC2 certificate.

If refugees do not have a valid HC2 certificate then they must pay for their prescription and be given a receipt from the pharmacy and fill in a HC1 form if they have not already. Patients, who have applied for full help with health costs through the NHS Low Income Scheme will be in possession of a valid HC2 certificate.

This may be a difficult conversation to have with a refugee however, it is essential this message is delivered in as supportive a way as possible and it is highlighted that once the patient has a HC2 certificate they will be able to claim back the cost of the medication providing they keep their receipt.


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