PharmAssist: See yesterday’s winning prices with the Updated Price History function

2021 saw PharmAssist introduce several new features and 2 new gold partners. 2022 is going to be no different as they continue to listen to customers to drive the PharmAssist platform forward.

Their price history functionality has now been updated to show the winning cascade prices from the previous days orders, holding up to two weeks of pricing information.

This functionality allows customers to search prices via Order Date, Supplier or Product to help obtain the required information faster.

Please note - Price History will show the unit price for each product where PharmAssist has a price loaded in to customers cascades.

To activate this functionality for your pharmacy – visit the below link to complete your details and we will do the rest

To learn more about how PharmAssist can save you time and money – contact them on the details below

Telephone: 0113 447 0210

Alternatively, find out more about the benefits of PharmAssist and register your interest via