Pre-recorded Webinar Library

Pre-recorded Webinar Library

At Numark we have an extensive library of pre-recorded webinars designed to help our members keep on top of all the propositions and to build knowledge and understanding around a wide range of topics. Our dedicated webinar page features a number of pre-recorded webinars that can be accessed at any time, and is regularly updated to ensure that we continue to add value to the services provided on NumarkNet.

In our webinar library you can currently access a wide variety of subjects, including our series of Tariff Tip webinars in which you will be shown a guide to some of the common queries received by the information services team. We also provide a webinar on delivering profitable services within your pharmacy, a 45 minute webinar offering an insight into some of the services you can provide in order to attract more customers to your pharmacy.

If you have any questions or feedback for our team, you can email training.team@numark-central.co.uk where the training team will be happy to assist with any queries you may have.

You can find the full list of webinars currently included within our library below:

  • Clinical skills webinar series: A webinar series designed to support you in building skills and expanding your service portfolio
  • Basic Life Support: Learn the basics of life support with these webinars, developed by ECG
  • Healthy Living Pharmacy (England pharmacies): Breaking down the steps to becoming a HLP into simple, manageable steps
  • Tariff Tip Webinars: A pre-recorded series designed to help you to understand some of the key topics with the Drug Tariff
  • Numark propositions: Our Golden Tote webinar will explain how you can utilise the technological developments we have made to radically improve the dispensing process in your pharmacy
  • Delivering profitable services in your pharmacy: Working in partnership with Valneva UK, we will provide an overview on how to set up and run an effective and profitable Travel Health and Vaccination Service in your pharmacy
  • Developing your soft skills: A webinar aimed at helping pharmacy teams in recruiting for services

For more information and to access all of the pre-recorded webinars we currently have available on NumarkNet, visit numarknet.com/9615.