Changes to Patient Satisfaction Survey requirements

Each financial year community pharmacy contractors must undertake a patient satisfaction survey which up to now was using the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ). The NHS Approved Particulars for the annual patient experience survey have been changed following discussions between the PSNC, NHSE&I and the DHSC.

The new requirements mean contractors must still undertake a survey through which they obtain structured feedback on their patients’ experience of using the pharmacy’s NHS services (as a minimum Essential and Advanced), but contractors can now adopt a variety of methods for collecting that feedback, rather than having to use the CPPQ.

Consideration should be given to ensuring the methods chosen are accessible to the range of patients using the pharmacy and that they reasonably reflect the pharmacy’s business profile. This includes using more than one method of submission for patients’ feedback responses (e.g. face to face, postal, email or webpage submission) to ensure feedback across a broad patient base and across a wide range of patient demographics.

  • Where contractors have already undertaken the CPPQ in 2021/22, in line with the former Approved Particular requirements, they will have met the requirements for 2021/22 and need take no further action.
  • Where contractors have not yet undertaken the CPPQ in 2021/22, if they wish, they can now take a different approach, in line with the revised Approved Particulars, but they can also continue to use the CPPQ in 2021/22 to meet the contractual requirements.

In advance of the start of the next financial year and by 31 December at the latest, NHSE&I will agree with the PSNC up to three topics which all contractors must include in their collection of feedback from patients in the following financial year’s satisfaction survey.

The Approved Particulars can be accessed here