Investing in Propositions for Members

Partnership for future growth

As you will have seen during recent months, our growth ambitions are really starting to take shape.

We’ve launched some game changing propositions and continue to develop solutions that support our members to flourish.

We strongly believe that the future success is wholly reliant on a partnership type approach between us and our 4,700 strong membership.

When we think about a partnership, it’s important to understand the mutual benefits that can be realised through working together.

We are absolutely committed to drive investment into new and innovative propositions such as Golden Tote and Hey Pharmacist; propositions that can help you compete in an aggressive marketplace and grow your business now and long into the future.


Our supply chain proposition continues to evolve as ‘we deliver health’. 

We have embarked on a strategy designed to set us aside from the competition, differentiate us and help grow business, but most importantly, a strategy that allows us develop mutually beneficial solutions in an ever changing marketplace.

We continue to drive investment in automation, warehousing, fleet, route optimisation, our supply chain network and a smarter working infrastructure to help us take our business to the next level. This allows us to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions that support patient health.

The relationship inherent between Numark and PHOENIX means we have a formidable, market-leading brand for community pharmacy.

Our 4,700 strong membership are critical to our success and future investment opportunities. 

Together we can leverage mutual growth and with your continued support and loyalty, this will go from strength to strength. Without the support of you, our valued members, we wouldn’t be able to invest in our supply chain solutions or exciting propositions such as Golden Tote and Hey Pharmacist.

We want to be your wholesaler of choice and in return, we will commit to further investment. We want our partnership to be mutually beneficial, so we can evolve and continue to deliver market-leading products and services now and long into the future.

Numark and PHOENIX – Together we’re stronger.

Golden Tote

Hey Pharmacist