Hey Pharmacist

Co-op Health now transitioning to Hey Pharmacist


As part of our commitment to keeping you updated on our digital plans, we are delighted to share that Co-op Health is now starting to transition to Hey Pharmacist. Over the coming days, existing customers will start to see changes to their app, and new customers will be able to download from the App Store, with the Google Play store following later in the week. 

Welcome to Hey Pharmacist!  

Our mission is all about smartphone services in the palm of your hand, and smart people in store when you need them. Local pharmacy is the heart of the community and we don’t want to change that, we want to make Numark members more accessible than ever – whether a scroll or a stroll away.   

What changes can I expect to see? 

Not only has the app and web got a whole new look and feel, but we’ve also updated some of the features. Our members are at the core of Hey Pharmacist and these changes support our commitment to keeping things local.  

We’re on a journey of change and the first step is prioritising the local message across our products and adding Numark members as collection points. 

The customer journey within the products now lead with collection   

  • The benefits of collecting locally are clearly outlined  

  • We’ve removed the likes of Boots, Well and Lloyds from the products. The only pharmacies that feature in the app are Numark members only 


What do these changes mean? 

This is fantastic news for members as when a customer selects the option to collect from their local Numark pharmacy, they have nominated your pharmacy, and therefore the script will be added to your PMR and you’ll assemble and dispense in exactly the same way you do for your other customers.  As we start to market the Hey Pharmacist brand and service, we’re hoping that more and more customers will begin to choosNumark members to dispense their prescriptions, increasing your nominations. 

What’s next?  

We’re working hard in the background developing a product roadmap that will deliver benefits to both you and your customers. Alongside this we’re working through what the member proposition will look like and we’re hoping to share this with you shortly.  

The launch of Hey Pharmacist is another significant step in our journey to transform our business and lead transformation in the markets in which we operate. We believe that the future of pharmacy is a combination of online convenience and face-to-face interaction. Smart phone services supported by smart people in community pharmacies.  

We are providing regular updates here, alternatively for more information call 0800 783 5709.