Your prices, your suppliers and your savings

We know that getting value in ordering your generics is fundamental to ensuring you run a profitable and sustainable business and we are absolutely committed to getting you the best deals for your pharmacy.

That’s why we cover the cost of the monthly fee for you to benefit from PharmAssist as part of your Numark membership.

PharmAssist understand that no two pharmacies are the same and as such you need your cascade to do exactly what you want it to do and evolve as your business evolves. That’s the beauty of using PharmAssist as your buying solution, you can make it as bespoke as you want it to be and maintain complete control and compliance in your purchasing.

The system will only use the prices and suppliers you want it to use. Add as many suppliers as you like* then let PharmAssist do the number crunching and before you know it you’re saving on your purchasing costs with very little effort.

Over 1,000 Numark members are currently utilising PharmAssist to ensure they get the best possible value from their ordering and ultimately increase their profit margins, in what are testing times for the pharmacy sector.

Below is a selection of price comparisons from 2020 that illustrates the savings that can be acquired when ordering generics through PharmAssist.

PharmAssist is 14% cheaper on average!


The below table highlights the savings that can be obtained when ordering PI through PharmAssist.

PharmAssist is 8% cheaper on average!



With average savings of 14% on generic purchases alone^, that equates to a £1,200 saving on the average monthly generics order.

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*Must be broadband/PMR enabled.

^Based on the last 14 generics comparisons completed for independent pharmacies.