Webinars - Re-emerging from Covid

Over the next three months P3pharmacy, in partnership with Numark, are going to be looking at how community pharmacies across the UK will re-emerge from Covid.

In a series of webinars, P3 will discuss how community pharmacy will use the experiences of the pandemic, which has sped up some developments and delayed others, to shape the future. What things should community pharmacy be prioritising, and what support will pharmacists on the front line need for working as an increasingly integrated and integral part of primary care in the devolved health care systems of the UK.

We kick off this new series at 7pm on April 14th, when Community Pharmacy Scotland chief executive Harry McQuillan, our very own Jeremy Meader and a panel of community pharmacists in Scotland will join us to talk about how the aligned ambitions of community pharmacy and Government are shaping developments.

With elections to the Parliament just around the corner on May 6, we will no doubt be discussing CPS’s election manifesto, as well as how developments in train in community pharmacist prescribing, and the recently launched Pharmacy First service, point the way forward for an increasingly clinical future for the sector in Scotland.

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