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12 January 2021 by Numark

The Year Pharmacy Stood Tall [Video]

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

Pharmacy has proven itself to be an invaluable resource on the front line of healthcare, providing lifesaving prescriptions, services, advice and reassurance to patients and their families.

The English Government however, over the last four years has removed over £200 million in funding, putting thousands of pharmacies at risk.

The #saveourpharmacies campaign was created to urge the Government to rethink the current funding model and to encourage them to invest appropriately.

We currently have just short of 23,000 signatures on the #saveourpharmacies petition. We would encourage you to watch and share the below video with your colleagues, friends and family so we can add further weight to the campaign.

Take a look at the 3-minute film that documents how you, our members have really felt on the front line during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sign the #SaveOurPharmacies petition

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