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25 March 2020 by Jeremy Meader

Lobbying Government to Drive Forward Change

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

We are facing unprecedented challenges at ground level. Community pharmacy continues to face pressures with funding and while the NHS’s Long Term Plan places us firmly at the centre of managing and delivering positive patient health outcomes, the expectations for service delivery after years of stagnation has brought huge workload pressure with it.

With these challenges come opportunity, but it can be difficult to differentiate the potential winners from the issues that just bring pharmacy up to date as a fully functioning part of the health system. And that’s before adding in the day-to-day pressures of running a pharmacy business. That’s why Numark have made a commitment to champion the voice of community pharmacy and as we embark on that journey, our first step is to fully understand and appreciate the fundamental issues faced by our members.

During the course of the next few months we will be collaborating with the UK’s leading media focused exclusively on the business of pharmacy; P3pharmacy. Jeremy Meader andP3pharmacy editor (and former Pharmacy Voice CEO), Rob Darracott, will host a series of ‘roundtable debates’ designed to confront frontline issues, tap into the experiences and expertise of key stakeholders and seek the real consensus that will drive positive outcomes for our profession. We will explore for, with and on behalf of our members, what lies ahead for community pharmacy and discuss topics that we see as being pivotal in the evolution of the profession.

Our roundtables will comprise of Numark members, leading industry experts and local and national political influencers, who will discuss the challenges faced by community pharmacies across the country. Our aim is to promote a better understanding around the table, but also, where we can, identify how Numark can and should support its members as they navigate the healthcare landscape in2020 and beyond.

We will be the voice of our 4,400 strong membership, drive forward change and demonstrate leadership.

We want to develop solutions to help support our members grow their businesses and meet the demands of the contract. These debates represent an opportunity for our members to influence that programme.

We intend to lobby Government to demand the recognition and remuneration that is proportionate to pharmacy is increasing future role in patient heath. These debates will help us to shape the messages with which we engage with key stakeholders, on behalf of our members in the healthcare reform debate.

We will be the voice of our 4,400 strong membership, drive forward change and demonstrate leadership. It will be important for us to listen to the views of others at each end of the spectrum in order for us to be able to speak with authority to individuals and policy makers to address the big issues affecting community pharmacy now and into the future.

Topics at the centre of the debate will range from bricks and mortar in a digital age to our role within PCNs and include discussions around the pharmacy contract in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We will kick off with the CPCF: expectations versus reality and the challenges and opportunities that exist as part of the contract in England.

We believe that community pharmacy has strong future, but we will have to work hard to drive success and make a stand to show Government that we are a key player in the NHS. With a new house of commons and the appointment of a new chancellor – Rishi Sunak, whose mother was serendipitously a community pharmacist; you can but hope we’ll be banging on a door that is at the very least slightly ajar

Numark have made a commitment to champion the voice of community pharmacy

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