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7 October 2019 by Numark

Numark Cascade - you are in the driving seat

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

Numark Cascade is an intuitive electronic ordering solution that is designed to put you in complete control.

Maximise your profit

It is your system that follows your rules with your chosen suppliers - meaning you always get the deals you want.

Save time

All your orders are transmitted on one main Numark page, reducing your ordering time by 10-15 minutes per day.

No contract

You are not tied into a contract.

Continuity of supply

Even if you are not in the pharmacy and another member of staff places the order, so long as it is on the Numark ordering page, it will be transmitted to your pre-selected choice of wholesaler as per your Numark Cascade set up.

Minimise out of stocks

If a product is out of stock with your primary wholesaler the system will reorder to your secondary or tertiary wholesaler.

Tailor your order

Set up a generic cascade if you require your generics to go to a different wholesaler. Utilise PassThru pages (for those on EMIS systems) to order direct from other wholesalers.

Complete control

Offers peace of mind and the security of knowing your orders are following your rules each and every time.

Find out more about Numark Cascade

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