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6 June 2019 by Sue Swift

EPS Controlled Drug Exclusions Tariff Tip

  • Wales
  • England

Q: I have received an EPS prescription for Methadone, can I dispense it?

A: NO. Although Schedule 2 and 3 CD’s can be prescribed electronically via EPS, as long as they meet all the legal requirements. There are a couple of exceptions which are:

  • Instalment FP10MDA prescriptions
  • Oral Methadone - as not possible for the contractors to endorse with packaged dose endorsements (PDn) .

For both these exceptions a paper prescriptions will still have to be issued, to allow the pharmacy to claim the correct fees.

For further information please see

Also please remember when sending your controlled drug prescriptions off: 

ExemptionsPrescription contains a Schedule 2 or 3 CDPrescription does not contain a Schedule 2 or 3 CD
Age exempt
- is under 16 years of age
- is 60 years of age or over
Send 'signed Schedule 2 or 3 CD collected' token to NHSBSA Does not send token to NHSBSA
All other exemptions and prescription charge paid Send 'signed Schedule 2 or 3 CD collected'/'signed exemption or charge paid' token to NHSBSA Send 'signed exemption or charge paid' signed token to NHSBSA

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