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10 July 2018 by Hilary Cunningham

Review of Numark Standard Operating Procedures - June

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

Review of Numark Standard Operating Procedures

Numark has over 80 downloadable SOPs available for members to download.

Each SOP defines the processes and procedures within the pharmacy. Numark SOPs are word documents allowing members to amend the content to ensure it accurately reflects the practice within their pharmacy.

Each SOP includes a document information section as shown below. This section provides an audit trail for each SOP.

Document title:

Summary Care Record SOP

Document reference:


Prepared by:

Hilary Cunningham



Date of preparation:

31st March 2016

Effective from:

31st March 2016



Date of next review:

February 2020







31st Mar 2016

Hilary Cunningham



11th Mar 2017

Hilary Cunningham

Format and document information updated


12th April 2017

Hilary Cunningham

Amended Privacy Officer to read Governance Person


25th Jan 2018

Hilary Cunningham


During 2018 Numark Information Services will be reviewing each of the SOPs to ensure they comply with current legislation and professional guidance.

To support members with identifying the SOPs that have been reviewed the SOP version number will be incorporated into the SOP title and will be clearly visible from the SOP download list. This will allow Numark members to compare the SOP currently in use within their pharmacy and the version available for download from NumarkNet.

During June 2018 the following SOPs have been reviewed:

  • Dealing with complaints- NHS complaints Procedure
  • Dealing with complaints- NHS complaints procedure (Scotland)
  • Repeat Dispensing (Paper based)
  • Liquid and bodily fluid spillage
  • Stock handling
  • Interventions and problem solving

Download SOPs

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