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25 May 2018 by Harvinder Somal

Numark own brand Modbury Pharmacy case study

  • Wales
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

Modbury Pharmacy has been operating for over 20 years within the local community. Located 200 yards from the local GP surgery, the pharmacy welcomes all sorts of patients from the community to provide support and advice for their customers.

As a member of Numark for over just over four months, Modbury Pharmacy has seen a great difference since joining our family.

“Customer loyalty has improved since introducing Numark own brand products.” This has allowed the business to build trust with their customers, which has reflected massively on customer buying habits. We talked to Alison about the benefits of belonging to Numark and how her business has taken advantage of the Numark brand.

“We use everything we get from the One Pack Promise sent to us on a monthly basis. We use materials such as the point of sale as much as we can around the shop to get customer attention on specific products each month.

“We have started taking advantage of the monthly promotional lines in the YourBrand magazine. This features different lines from kids to adults which have proven popular with our customers. Occasionally, we get people asking specifically for Numark products.

“When we need to order, we usually call the telesales team as we prefer to do this. We are looking to explore NumarkNet to make future purchases as we have been told there are lots of resources that can be useful to our pharmacy.

“The reason we chose Numark over competitors was the prices for products are great value for both us and our customers. Paracetamol and ibuprofen has proven successful mostly with parents and our elderly customers. They are always asking about the brand and range available.

“There are no other pharmacies within our local area so we do get a lot of people coming daily asking for advice and product recommendation. We are delighted to be able to promote the Numark brand as all staff at Modbury Pharmacy have tried Numark lines and love them.

“We made the decision to join Numark due to how competitive they are in an increasingly difficult market place.”

We aim to provide members with a wide range of pharmacy specific products and continue to evolve the range to meet ever-changing customer needs.

All our members have access to our four annual deals

  • Hayfever - 25th February-30th May
  • First Aid - 25th May-31st August
  • Cough - August 25th-31st October
  • Winter Remedies - 2nd October- 31st January 

First Aid deals find out more 

Modbury Pharmacy

Modbury Pharmacy


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