Q. I have received a prescription for ‘Voke 20 doses’ the computer is stating it is a special container, what is this? will I receive reimbursement?

A. Yes you will get paid for this prescription.‘Voke’ is licensed as a GSL (general sales list medicine) by the department of health and social care and listed on the Dmd+d as ‘nicotine 450micrograms/dose inhaler’. It is designed to look and feel similar to a cigarette. The product is also listed in the England, Wales, and Northern Ireland Tariffs.

There are a few points that you must counsel your patient on when giving the prescription out:

Voke is 0.45mg inhaler containing nicotine delivering 6-8 puffs

  • Press the side of the box to remove the inhaler
  • Hold the box upright and insert firmly to the port on the base
  • Hold for 5 seconds and release (This might remind smokers of how they used to refill their lighters)
  • The inhaler should now be filled
  • Inhale as you would do with a normal cigarette (there will be no heat, smoke or smell)
  • Refill when empty

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