Numark Training Library

Numark Training is our online training platform packed with hundreds of resources, tools and articles to help you and your teams personal development.

Access the e-Learning Library

The Numark Training Platform is the complete online training solution for pharmacy – catering for all stages of careers in the pharmacy environment. With an ever-expanding library of over 1,500 pieces of content available we have you covered.

If you are logged in with the main NumarkNet account this will take you to the learning dashboard to monitor your team's training. If you want to complete training you will need to login with your personal account – if you don’t have a personal account set up please follow the steps below.

Step by step user guide

Training App

Who can use it?

  • Business owners/managers
  • Pharmacists and Technicians
  • Medicine Counter Assistants and Dispensers
  • Healthy Living Champions
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Pre-reg trainees
  • Summer Placement students

How can my pharmacy benefit from using Numark+ Training?

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Evidence without effort
  • Monitor adherence to group training initiatives
  • Stay proactive rather than reactive

How to get Started?

You will need to register each of your team with their own login for NumarkNet.

All staff must use an individual email address to ensure that they can access their own personal records and results.

Step by step user guide

Click here to find out how to register your team.

If you have any issues accessing the Numark Training Platform you can contact one of the Professional Development Team on 0800 783 5709


Numark Training Platform - Access as a Learner

This video will show you how to access the Numark+ Training Library once you have been registered.

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Numark Training Platform - Registering

This video will show you how to register your team to be able to access the Numark Training Library.

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