Flu vaccination NHS (England)

flu vaccination

Community pharmacies in England can offer a seasonal influenza vaccination service for patients in at-risk groups.

Service Specification and PGD

View the service specification and PGD on the PSNC website

Eligible patient groups

The service covers patients most at risk from influenza aged 18 years and older as listed in Annex A of the Service Specification.


Contractors are paid per administered dose of vaccine:

  • £7.64
  • Additional fee: £1.50
  • Total: £9.14

The additional fee recognises costs incurred including training and disposal of clinical waste.

Contractors are reimbursed for the vaccine costs at the basic list price of the individual vaccine plus VAT.

Profitability calculator

Calculate the profitability of offering the service at your pharmacy

Claiming payment

To claim payment for delivering the service and reimbursement of vaccine costs submit a form to the Pricing Authority as part of the end of month process.

Download and print copies of the claim form from the NHS BSA website (PDF)

For further information visit the PSNC website

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