Female Facial Hair Removal Service

This private service enables your pharmacy to support women who suffer from facial hirsutism (excess hair growth). Allowing eligible female customers to obtain a ‘ Prescription Only’ treatment to reduce  hair growth, where other methods have been unsuccessful, and subsequently increase their psychological well-being. It is offered via a private Patient Group Direction (PGD) which requires the customer to have a consultation with a PGD authorised pharmacist.

Community pharmacy is ideally placed to improve the accessibility of such treatments to eligible customers at a time when it is increasingly difficult to obtain an appointment with a GP.

Working in partnership with PharmaDoctor members have access to range of private PGDs. Numark members being eligible for a 10% discount on the standard cost of PGDs.

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Numark has also developed a range of resources to help you implement and deliver a successful service, including: 

Service Support pack 

Facial Hair Removal Service SOP 

Hirsutism Pharmacy Excellence Module 

Facial Hair Removal Service - Counter Checklist

Facial Hair Removal Service- GP Implementation Letter

Patient Access For Professionals


Providing one service per week can generate over £1300 profit per year as extra service income.

Findings from Patient Access highlighted facial hirsutism as a service that was frequently searched by customers, however with very few being able to locate a pharmacy to book an appointment.

Using an online booking platform such as Patient Access has been shown to increase footfall of customers booking private services, helping you to increase your services profitability. 

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Pharmacist Accreditation* Process

*Check for any additional requirements from your PGD provider