Female Facial Hair Removal Service

This private service enables your pharmacy to support women who suffer from facial hirsutism (excess hair growth). Allowing eligible female customers to obtain a 'Prescription Only' treatment to reduce hair growth, where other methods have been unsuccessful, and subsequently increase their psychological well-being. It's offered via a private Patient Group Direction (PGD) which requires the customer to have a consultation with a PGD authorised pharmacist.


Community pharmacy is ideally placed to improve the accessibility of such treatments to eligible customers at a time when it is increasingly difficult to obtain an appointment with a GP.

Working in partnership with PharmaDoctor members have access to range of private PGDs. Numark members being eligible for a 10% discount on the standard cost of PGDs.

Order your Female Facial Hair Removal PGD 

Numark has also developed a range of resources to help you implement and deliver a successful service, including: 

Service Support pack 

Facial Hair Removal Service SOP 

Hirsutism Pharmacy Excellence Module 

Facial Hair Removal Service - Counter Checklist

Facial Hair Removal Service- GP Implementation Letter


Pharmacist Accreditation* Process

*Check for any additional requirements from your PGD provider