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What is the eXroid Haemorrhoid Treatment®?

eXroid provides an innovative and proven (NICE Accredited) approach to haemorrhoid treatment, especially for those who may have been suffering with this condition for a long period of time or whose symptoms impact their daily lives and for whom topical creams and ointments do not, on their own, resolve ongoing symptoms. 

The treatment is the only procedure that can treat all 4 grades of haemorrhoids. It has almost immediate results for all patients and due to the fact that it is non-invasive, causes little or no pain or discomfort. It is conducted in a clinic setting and can be carried out during a combined consultation and treatment appointment.  Over 90% of patients report they are able to get back to their normal activities on the same day.

Benefits of eXroid Haemorrhoid Treatment:

  • Lowest risk of complication of any know treatments.
  • Performed by GMC Registered Consultant Surgeons. Our doctors also work alongside a chaperone for safeguarding, extra comfort and reassurance.
  • Treats all grades (1-4) of haemorrhoids.
  • Minimal recovery time due to there being no anaesthesia and causing little to no pain, over 90% of patients report that they get straight back to their day, no need to take time off from work.
  • One hour treatment performed in a clinic - It is completely ambulatory, i.e. patients can be treated without the need for bowel prep or anaesthesia.
  • Highly convenient being performed along with a consultation and examination within an hour-long appointment.
  • The treatment has two NICE approvals, is safe and effective and is carried out in CQC registered clinics.

What is the eXroid Pharmacy Referral Scheme?

Pharmacies can register to become a referral point for the eXroid treatment, for customers seeking advice and information regarding this treatment.  Being a referral point will mean that you can support your patients with a clinical pathway for you will be remunerated.  As a participating pharmacy you will be required to undertake an initial screening process with the customer using the eXroid referral form and if suitable, refer the customer to eXroid for treatment.

The pharmacy is remunerated £20 for each completed referral and a further £20 for referrals where the customer completes a first line of treatment.

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