eXroid Electrotherapy Haemorrhoid Treatment®

eXroid Electrotherapy Haemorrhoid Treatment® is an innovative and proven alternative to surgery, used for the treatment of haemorrhoids.  It is non-invasive and offers the lowest risk of complications of any treatment currently available.

Many sufferers are simply not aware of this treatment and so Numark have partnered with eXroid to encourage independent pharmacies to create a referral pathway to help recruit haemorrhoid sufferers and offer a treatment that can help put an end to their suffering.

Numark members can help refer customers, whose daily lives are affected by their symptoms, to eXroid through an eXroid Pharmacy Referral Form, with each referral attracting a £20 referral fee for the pharmacy upon completed referral form and a further £20 upon a completed treatment.

See the eXroid hub page for more information regarding eXroid, the treatment and how to register your interest and get signed up.

eXroid hubpage