COVID Vaccination Service (England)

The role of community pharmacy in the COVID-19 vaccination programme, is still developing. And currently due to the complexity surrounding the storage requirements for some of the vaccines, involvement is very different from other vaccination programmes such as flu.

Current options for contractors to get involved:

Option 1: Working with  general practices in their PCN (or a neighbouring one),supporting the PCN vaccination site or outreach into care homes etc.May include providing staff, under a private sub-contracting arrangement, to support the GP/PCN-led service; or

Option 2:  Being locally comissioned to provide a COVID-19 vaccination service under the terms of the Enhanced service (currently being drafted) where no existing provision in an area or additional provision is required. Any agreed location for provision of this service would be described as a Designated Vaccination Site (DVS)*.

To support members involved in the implementation and deliver of the service within a 'Designated Vaccination Site' Numark is developing a range of resources .

An early release of the following resources has been made to support immediate preparations for implementation - further updates and finalisation of additional resources will be actioned as more information becomes available. 

Numark Resources

Guidance Document

Evidence Template

Risk Assessment Template

Training Requirements

 PCN Site Daily Checklist

Pharmacy Daily Checklist