COVID-19 Test Kit Distribution Service (Scotland)

June 2021 the Scottish Government has detailed funding for the 'NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 Test Kit distribution service'. Improving public access to COVID-19 antigen testing and identification of COVID-positive cases in the community, to break the chain of transmission. Working alongside existing NHS Test and Trace COVID-19 testing routes.

Contractors wishing to provide this service must complete the registration form within the Circular PCA(P) (202)08 and return to Practitioner and Counter Fraud Services. 

Overview of service 

Once registered to provide the service, the pharmacy can order the LFD test kits, free of charge, from participating wholesalers. 

The service enables asymptomatic people to collect LFD test kits, free of charge, from community pharmacies, to enable them to undertake regular testing as part of the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 roadmap plan.

People self-administer the tests and report results away from the pharmacy, e.g. at home. - The pharmacy is not involved in this process or the next steps for the person taking the test.


Is made up of the following 2 elements (+vat) 

  • £450 participation fee - covering initial set-up costs 
  • £2.00 distribution fee for each test kit supplied 


Resources to support set-up and delivery of the service  

COVID-19 Test Kit Distribution Service SOP 

Additional information is available are also available on the CPS circular PCA(P)(2021)08