Cholesterol Screening Service

This comprehensive resource has been developed to help members set up a professional cholesterol screening service.

Why provide a Cholesterol Screening Service?

According to estimates from Heart UK, over half of all adults in England have raised cholesterol above 5mmol/l. Having a high cholesterol level (hyperlipidemia) can have a serious effect on a person’s health as it increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Setting up a cholesterol screening service will enable you to detect people who may be at risk from elevated cholesterol levels through a screening service. The screening service is designed to establish a client’s TC/HDL ratio and give an indication of their blood lipid profile.

Setting up your Cholesterol Screening Testing Service

We provide a number of downloadable resources to help you set up your service including:

Client consent form

Client questionnaire

Client results form

Control test log

GP referral letter

Implementation checklist

Implementation letter

Pharmacy audit

Staff competency checklist

Staff workbook

A2 poster

A5 flyer

We can also provide a range of practical resources to help you deliver your service.

Description Code Product
CardioChek PA blood analyser BIOP101 CardioChek PA blood analyser
Testing strips BIOS003 Cholesterol PTS panel 25s
Testing strips BIOS002D CHO/GLU duo PTS panels 25s
Testing strips BIOS010 CHO/HDL duo PTS panels 25s
Testing strips BIOS019 CHO/HDL/GLU triple PTS panels 15s
Testing strips BIOP102 CHO/HDL/LDL/TRIG  PTS panels 15s

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