How to use Numark's Core Range

When you are ready to begin your switch, you’ll need the following:

  • Core Range spreadsheets

We recommend you begin with the ranking by subcategory and use the steps below to give yourself a head start with the process.

  • Highlighter/Pen

To mark the lines you already have listed on your fixture and make any notes as you work through the category.

  • Polish and duster

It’s important to keep your shelves clean and dust free. Your pharmacy should reflect a clean, customer friendly environment throughout.

  • Clearance point of sale and pricing stickers

Stock that you want to clear out will need to be reduced and promoted so ensure you have your point of sale and pricing stickers at the ready.

Take a look at these steps which will help simplify this process. You may want to print it out and take it to the fixture with you when you are ready to implement the Core Range.

1. Pick a subcategory, i.e. oral hygiene: denture.

Stand in front of your fixture and make a note of the products in the subcategory which you do and don’t stock. This will determine how much work needs to be done on the fixture.

- "I already have all these Core Range products listed on my fixture." - Move onto the next subcategory and go back to step 1.

- "I only have a few of these items/I don't have any of these items listed on my fixture." - go to step 2.

2. Check your EPoS system to pick out any underperforming lines on your fixture.

Lower the selling price of these products and sell through as clearance. If your products are sitting on fixture, but aren’t making sales, it simply isn’t worth listing them.

We can provide you with special offer point of sale available to give you a boost in selling through your excess stock.

3. Once these products start to sell out and space becomes available

Start to implement the Core Range products into your display. You can order these products using the PIP Codes on the Core Range list via PLOF or our telesales team.

4. Begin to rebuild your shelves focussing on category/subcategory split and brand blocking.

We will be providing you with further training and information regarding merchandising and how to best utilise your retail space, so keep an eye out for our additional retail modules.

5. Once your products have been switched, monitor the results for the category.

Check your EPoS weekly for increases in sales within that particular category before moving onto the next. Let us know your progress! It’s great to hear from you.

6. Go back to step 1 and choose your next category.


Taking the above steps into account, you should soon be well on your way to having a great array of Core Range products mixed with the best performers specific to your pharmacy.

Once you have completed this process for all subcategories take a look at our top five Core Range spreadsheets to check that the top five lines from each category/subcategory are listed on your fixture.

Continue to check your EPoS data and replace any underperforming products so to ensure you are fulfilling your customers’ demands with an enticing product range including the brand leaders from each category.

Once you are happy with your complete product display, continue to monitor your EPoS data to keep up to date with the performance of your product range. We will be updating our Core Range data every 6 months to ensure you have the most up to date top selling products to hand.